We support Wings and Roots , coffee roasters with a cause

We support Wings and Roots , coffee roasters with a cause

Can you create social and economic opportunities for people and communities by drinking coffee? 

Well. this might me a bit of a simplistic way of putting but we support the products and mission of Wings and Roots who put social entrepreneurship into practice.

Wings and Roots: 'How can you create social and economic opportunities for people and communities? We believe it’s possible by supporting transparent, tangible projects that focus on one or more of the following five development areas. All of the projects we support are selected based how they align with these criteria.

1.  Local entrepreneurship
We only work with reliable and experienced local partners: businesses and organisations that know how to bridge cultures, that understand local needs and that pay fair prices. Like De La Gente Guatemala, the farming cooperative that supplies our coffee beans. We support these organisations in tangible ways. For instance, by contributing to the purchase of a tractor or solar panels. It’s a direct approach that immediately benefits local entrepreneurs and the entire community.

2. Education and development
Education provides children and adults with knowledge and skills they will continue to use and build on throughout their lives. Whether it’s learning to read and write, learning about farming techniques or acquiring basic knowledge of hygiene and disease, education creates resilience. That’s why we’re committed to increasing the number of schools and teachers in developing countries, as well as providing classrooms with essentials such as desks, blackboards and books. In the words of blues singer B.B. King: “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”.

3. Housing and community development
A thriving community where people are rooted and engaged starts with good housing. Without a house, you cannot create a home, and without a feeling of home, you cannot create a feeling of community. By investing in house-building programs, we can be sure we’re contributing to people developing socially, economically and leading independent lives.

4. Drinking water, sanitation and hygiene
In the developed world, access to clean drinking water is something we take for granted. All you have to do is open a tap. But in many countries around the world, access to clean water and good sanitation is scarce and people live in unhygienic conditions leading to infections, diarrhoea and malnutrition. Something as simple as clean water can make a huge difference in the lives of individuals, families and entire communities.

5. Medical assistance and health care
Healthy people are happier and fitter. They can move mountains at work or get an ‘A’ at school. The whole community flourishes when its members are healthy. Promoting good health involves both treatment and prevention. By supporting these two areas, we can help save lives now and in the future.'

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